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Final Image – Mike Krahulik Style

Okay here is the final image done in the style of Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. The top image is the final image, below is the traditional media line work and below further still is the concept page for generating ideas for the duo. While I am pleased with the line work the colouring leaves a lot to be desired but Mike Krahulik has a lot of practice on me.

Penny Arcade Style Bear Finalised

Penny Arcade Bears Traditional Ink Line Art

Penny Arcade Bear Concept Sheet


Necromancer – Mike Krahulik style attempt

I recently completed a piece of work in the style of Mike Krahulik. While I used his techniques for creating the line work I deviated with the colour work, when I create my final image in the style of Mike Krahulik I will stick ridgedly to the solid colours applied tightly.

Necromancer Final Version

Necromancer Digital Lines

Original Necromancer Lines

The above images shows the different stages of the images in reverse order. The top image is the finalised image, the middle image is the digital lines draw over the original ink lines which are shown on the bottom image. This shows my experimentation with Mike Krahulik’s methods.

More Penny Arcade Inking Videos

Trawled youtube to find more videos on Mike Krahulik’s inking technique.

Initial Penny Arcade Style Sketches

Having watched the tutorials previously posted related to Penny Arcade I had a first attempt at trying to recreate Mike Krahulik’s style. These were done with traditional mediums, pencil drawings then inked over with a brush pen.

Image: Ash from Evil Dead sketch

Image: Frankenstein Sketch

Image: Sketch of a Republic Commader

The quality of drawing still isn’t there yet and neither is that unmistakable Penny Arcade style. This probably isn’t helped by the fact that the lines haven’t been inked digitally.

Mike Krahulik – Bobba Fett Technique Tutorial

A video Tutorial by Mike Krahulik the artist behind Penny Arcade. This video displays the transition of the piece from pencil drawing to a fully inked line drawing that will then need to be coloured.

His technique appears to be nothing more than skill and practice. He is using Photoshop and what appears to be a bog-standard brush, with pressure sensitivity from the Wacom turned on. He then just draws the lines  over and over untill he is happy with the mark he has made.  He tends to stay very zoomed in resulting on much smoother mark making.

I will be trying this technique myself, results to follow.

Image: Mike Krahulik's Bobba Fett Lines

Image: Mike Krahulik's Bobba Fett Inked Lines