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Obviously for the pre-production module the focus was on discovering art-styles that I could use to create my web-comic in. While I still intend to carry on exploring the styles I found most interesting I need to spend time looking at current web-comics, are they successful, what makes them successful or unsuccessful, what do I like about them and what can I learn from them. This research should help me create a stronger end product.

Web-comic I intend to look at:
Penny Arcade
Three Panel Soul
Gun Show Comics
Double Fine Action Comics
Happy Funnies 


Spicy Horse and Grimm’s Fairytales.

While not originally mentioned as one of my inspirations when I undertook this project, other influences are never a bad thing.

Image: A picture depicting Grimm's artstyle

Spicy Horse, is a small games company who recently did a bunch of episodic games based on Grimm’s Fairy-tales, I found their art style to be appealing and tried to emulate it in one of my other modules this went rather successfully and I hope to do a piece in this style for this project to.

Image: A more painterly piece, showing the games style

What I like about this games style is its blend of Gothic and cute, using bold geometric shapes to flesh out characters, I also enjoy the simple vector-Esq colouring style.

More Penny Arcade Inking Videos

Trawled youtube to find more videos on Mike Krahulik’s inking technique.

Inspiration – Clone High (Carey Yost)

During the Pre-production module I aimed to watch a few TV shows in the hopes of gaining some stylistical inspiration from them. One of this was ‘Clone High‘.

After watching the complete series I set out to track down the artist in charge of designing the characters. I discovered that this was Carey Yost, also responsible for Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls and Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

What I liked about the characters in Clone High was the interesting use of use of shapes in the characters, for example how Joan of Arcs head is perfectly flat and how JFK’s bottom juts out no matter what angle he stood towards the camera.

One of the more interesting things is the complete destuction of anatomy but rimplemented sucessfully and stylistically. The major example of this is Abe Lincolns nose, it always protrudes from the side of his face even if this means his nose appears to be behind his eyes from certain angles.

Image: Clone High's Abe Lincoln