Pre-Production Ideas

For the duration of my Dissertation I would like to undertake the maintenance of a bi-weekly web-comic. I intend to follow what is the new and old staple of the 3 scene strips, such has been popularised by the web-comic ‘Penny Arcade‘ and not to mention decades of various comic strips throughout the age of newsprint.

Andy Capp Example

ctrl-alt-del Example

The general idea for my own web-comic is the idea of 2 bears trying to integrate themselves normally into society. However society is repulsed and taken aback by bears attempting to be human. The web-comic will be an on-going social commentary on the lack of acceptance of people who are different and the prejudices these people face.

While each strip will be a stand alone short skit, the series as a whole will have long over-arching storyline dealing with deeper issues. The characters will developed as someone everyone can relate to hence the choice of race/class neutral bears, as well as dealing with things like racism and homophobia they will deal with social problems like just fitting in.

The final images produced for this module  will be of these characters in the different art-styles researched throughout these modules.

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