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Obviously for the pre-production module the focus was on discovering art-styles that I could use to create my web-comic in. While I still intend to carry on exploring the styles I found most interesting I need to spend time looking at current web-comics, are they successful, what makes them successful or unsuccessful, what do I like about them and what can I learn from them. This research should help me create a stronger end product.

Web-comic I intend to look at:
Penny Arcade
Three Panel Soul
Gun Show Comics
Double Fine Action Comics
Happy Funnies 



I’m posting here to draw a line here under the work done for the Pre-Production module and the work I am about to do in full production of my MA Dissertation. Anything hence forth done can and will submitted as part of it.

EDIT: I’ve done a little re-organising of the Blog, mainly renaming all the stuff to do with the Pre-Production module as such so that I or anyone reading doesn’t get confused.