Final Image – Ben Templesmith

After spending time developing Ben Templesmith’s style with the sketches below I was confident going into this image. S far Ben Templesmith’s style has meshed best with my own and his confident line work and simple colouring has moved into all of my other modules and has been most adopted out of the 3 major artists I have researched. This is why I think the Ben Templesmith’s research has worked out the best.


The final image created was doomed from the get, I couldn’t get the line art to look the way I wanted it to and time restrictions meant I had to move forward regardless. The result is not as good as some of the sketches, the line art is messy and the colours don’t work well together at all.

Here it is warts and all the finished Ben Templesmith piece:

Ben Templesmith Style Final Image

Ben Templesmith Final Bear Lines

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