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Final Image – Ashley Wood Style

Below is the final image created in the artistic style of Ashley Wood. The shapes of the bears in this piece are the most different to the original concept drawing this was an attempt to emulate Ashley Woods interesting use of geometric shapes when creating characters. I don’t think it was successful as the legs don’t look strong enough to support the weight of the bears.

In terms of emulating the brush strokes of Ashley Wood I don’t think i was successful either ¬†while the brush strokes are obvious in the painting they are not as prominent as Ashley Wood’s I think this will come with practice and confidence. With practice I wouldn’t get caught up the details but would be able to make confident large brush strokes.

Final Image - Ashley Wood style bears

Final Image - Ashley Wood style bears lines


Final Image – Mike Krahulik Style

Okay here is the final image done in the style of Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. The top image is the final image, below is the traditional media line work and below further still is the concept page for generating ideas for the duo. While I am pleased with the line work the colouring leaves a lot to be desired but Mike Krahulik has a lot of practice on me.

Penny Arcade Style Bear Finalised

Penny Arcade Bears Traditional Ink Line Art

Penny Arcade Bear Concept Sheet

Final Image – Ben Templesmith

After spending time developing Ben Templesmith’s style with the sketches below I was confident going into this image. S far Ben Templesmith’s style has meshed best with my own and his confident line work and simple colouring has moved into all of my other modules and has been most adopted out of the 3 major artists I have researched. This is why I think the Ben Templesmith’s research has worked out the best.


The final image created was doomed from the get, I couldn’t get the line art to look the way I wanted it to and time restrictions meant I had to move forward regardless. The result is not as good as some of the sketches, the line art is messy and the colours don’t work well together at all.

Here it is warts and all the finished Ben Templesmith piece:

Ben Templesmith Style Final Image

Ben Templesmith Final Bear Lines

Imagine FX – Ashley Wood Article

It was recently brought to my attention that the current (February 2011) issue of concept art/digital art magazine Imagine FX ran an article on to how to emulate Ashley Wood’s painterly style using the custom brushes and techniques provided by the magazine.

I set out to acquire this article for myself.

Imagine FX - Ashley Wood Article Page 1

Imagine FX - Ashley Wood Article Page 2

What I discovered from this article was very much the same as I had found from research and this was that the images are all about the under drawings, followed by the blocking out of colour underneath. After this it is all about using complementary tones to pull the whole image together.

As you are going along its important to use texture brushes to develop that oil painting look and at the end use a textured brush stamp to go around the painting to add more to the illusion of the paints texture. It’s important to make sure that you don’t over do the same stamp so it becomes obvious it’s not a natural brush stroke.

As I don’t have time for a proper Oil Painting this will be the technique I will use when creating my Ashley Wood image.

Spicy Horse and Grimm’s Fairytales.

While not originally mentioned as one of my inspirations when I undertook this project, other influences are never a bad thing.

Image: A picture depicting Grimm's artstyle

Spicy Horse, is a small games company who recently did a bunch of episodic games based on Grimm’s Fairy-tales, I found their art style to be appealing and tried to emulate it in one of my other modules this went rather successfully and I hope to do a piece in this style for this project to.

Image: A more painterly piece, showing the games style

What I like about this games style is its blend of Gothic and cute, using bold geometric shapes to flesh out characters, I also enjoy the simple vector-Esq colouring style.

Sketches – Ben Templesmith

Below are my own images in which I spent time looking through ‘Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse’ just doodling things that grabbed my attention. I then threw them into Photoshop and tried to digitally add a watercolour painted look. Some of the images I added a photo background as is common in alot of Ben Templesmith’s comic books. Some of the these were more successful than other but overall I am pleased with the results.

The majority of these images are inspired by ‘Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse 5’ ‘It only hurts when i pee’ Part 1

Ben Templesmith style 'Bouncer'

(link to photo ref)

Ben Templesmith Style 'Crusader'

(link to photo ref)

Ben Templesmith Style 'Revolutionary Soldier'

Ben Templesmith Style 'Leprachaun'

Assorted Doodles

Necromancer – Mike Krahulik style attempt

I recently completed a piece of work in the style of Mike Krahulik. While I used his techniques for creating the line work I deviated with the colour work, when I create my final image in the style of Mike Krahulik I will stick ridgedly to the solid colours applied tightly.

Necromancer Final Version

Necromancer Digital Lines

Original Necromancer Lines

The above images shows the different stages of the images in reverse order. The top image is the finalised image, the middle image is the digital lines draw over the original ink lines which are shown on the bottom image. This shows my experimentation with Mike Krahulik’s methods.